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SeaCalcs has over 34 years in the marine industry specialising in Salvage & Wreck Removal, Offshore and Coastal Towage & Anchor-Handling, Marine Construction & Dredging amongst other sectors.


Our aim is to provide the professional mariner, the recreational mariner and students with a user friendly application whereby all information can be accessed on one screen be it a mobile phone or tablet and able to function offline. By inputting the fundamental information at hand the results are instant and accompanied by silmultanious animation giving the user a visual aspect.


Our applications provide an INTRODUCTION and HOW TO USE explaining in detail the formulae used for each task and what can be expected of the animation. All applications, formulae and animation have been revised and approved by Naval Engineers. Programming produced by CUNUQUI, Alicante, Spain.

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Salvage - Air Lifts, Mechanical Purchase Systems, Winch Pull,

Winch Capacities, Salvage Pontoons, Pendant Buoys, Gravity Blocks,

Anchor Holding Power, Pumps, Flood Rate, Ground Reaction,

Stranding Calculations, Righting & Hauling, Compressed Air De-Watering,

Lift Bag Calculations, Tidal Lifts

Towage - Catenary Depth, Winch Pull, Winch Capacities,

Bollard Pull, Horse Power

Diving - Air Lifts, Salvage Pontoons

Marine Construction - Material Barge Loading Program

Stability - TPC, Displacement, Density, Drafts, Tank Program, Block Coefficient,

Moments to Change Trim, FWA & DWA............




Tides - Secondary Ports

Anchors - Anchor types and Holding Power

Pendant Buoys

Sinker Weights

Stranding Calculations, Flood Rate



For enquiries or a specific application please contact The SeaCalcs Team at marineapps@seacalcs.com